Finn William Leeves Coben,

Finn William Leeves Coben, the progeny of Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben, is no less than a luminary herself, owing to the opulent existence she leads as a result of her parents’ renown and affluence. Finn William Leeves Coben, an adolescent of eighteen, graced the world in the year 2003. However, her life diverges significantly from the typical pursuits enjoyed by others her age.

Similar to any scion of notoriety, adulation and wealth were bestowed upon her on a glistening platter, even as she opened her eyes to the world. She is but another offspring brought forth amidst the relentless camera flashes of the paparazzi and the encompassing glow of the limelight.

Finn William Leeves Coben, a celebrated scion, has frequently been observed gracing the red carpets of esteemed award ceremonies, exuding charisma in her bespoke attire. Captured by the vigilant paparazzi outside her fitness sessions, her life truly mirrors that of an illustrious luminary.

Early Life

Embracing the full name of Finn William Leeves Coben, a harmonious fusion of her parents’ surnames, Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben, she emerged into the world on the 19th of December in the year 2003, within the borders of the United States of America. Presently, she is a citizen of this nation. At the tender age of eighteen, she finds solace in the companionship of Isabelle Hatheryn Coben.

Raised within the United States, she cultivated a warm and affectionate bond with her immediate family, encompassing her parents, aunt, and grandparents.


Finn holds the distinction of being the scion of Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben, an English thespian and an American producer, actress, performing artist, and executive of CBS Paramount Television, respectively. In addition to her parents, Finn revels in an immensely cozy, affectionate, and nurturing relationship with her grandparents, Collin Leeves and Ruth Leeves. During holidays and weekends, she frequently engages in activities with her aunt, Katheryn Leeves, solidifying the foundation of their profound affection.

Moreover, Finn possesses a perfect companion and sister in Isabelle Katheryn Coben, with whom she shares an immensely affectionate bond. This sentiment is evident as they are often sighted engaging in shopping excursions and sampling delectable cuisines at various cafes around town. These inseparable connections and expressions of fondness have been duly witnessed and celebrated across social media platforms.

Finn William Leeves Coben’s Mother

Finn William basks in the splendor of her extravagant, celebrity-esque lifestyle owing to her mother, Jane Elizabeth Leeves, an esteemed English actress. Jane, who has reached the age of sixty, is united in matrimony with her husband, Marshall Coben, an actress, producer, and performing artist hailing from America. Jane and Marshall entered the bonds of wedlock in the year 1996.

Jane has garnered the majority of her acclaim within the realm of Hollywood television through her portrayal in the sitcom Frasier, a role she embodied from 1993 to 2004. She has garnered Grammy and Golden Globe nominations for her contributions to this NBC television sitcom. Additionally, she has graced the small screen as the character Joy Scroggs in Hot in Cleveland, a sitcom of note.